Mt. Carmel/FLEET FEET Field & Distance Carnival

March 2, 2019

Dear Coach,

Mt. Carmel High School will be hosting its 8th Field & Distance Carnival on Saturday, March 2, 2019.  This meet is set up with a format that will allow coaches to give competition to established returners in your program as well as newcomers to your team that did not compete last year.

All events will offer both boys and girls competition. Teams will receive the following minimum number of entries in these events:

High Jump 6 entries, including a novice section (80 total jumpers accepted), Long Jump 4 entries (60 total accepted), Triple Jump 3-4 entries (46 total), Shot 4-5 entries including a novice section (80 total), Discus 4-5 entries (80 total), PV 4 to 5 entries (60 total) depending on number of schools having vaulters.

800 – 9 entries + 3 Frosh 800 , 1600 – 9 entries + 3 Frosh 1600, 3200 4 entries.  4 x 800 –one team, DMR – one team.

Once everyone has their minimum number of entries I will allow schools to pick up additional entries to allow more kids to run.

Here is the Entry Fee Structure:

Both Field and Distance Athletes - $200 for both boys and girls team together.

Only Field or only Distance Athletes - $110 for both boys and girls team together.

Limited team entries - 20 athletes total in both the boys and girls events (10 boys and 10 Girls) - $5 per athlete.

School wanting to bring individuals only - $7

Schools with full team entries will be allowed to enter and bring extra athletes and if there is room, they will be allowed to compete.   All races will feature electronic timing.

This year’s meet will begin with field events starting at 9:00 am and running events starting as early as 10:00 if needed.   The meet is over by 5:30 PM.  Awards will be given to three places in all events.

If you are interested in participating in our meet, please fill out the entry sheet on the website link as soon as possible.  The meet will be limited to twenty two full team entries (a full team has both Distance and Field Entries) and a number of distance teams only, limited team entries, and individuals. While we will be allowing select individuals to also enter, the full team entries get first priority for entry.

Those schools indicating an interest will receive meet information and entry procedure by February 14, 2019. Registration will be done on

Thank you and best of luck to you in your up coming season.


Dennis McClanahan

Meet Manager

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Meet Website --