Mt. Carmel Field & Distance Carnival

March 2, 2019

Coaches please read the following on using for entering your athletes in the meet.

Entering your School

Go to the and register your school and yourself. If your school used last season you will just need to update your schedule for this year. If you're new to there are instructions on the site. If you are from out of state, no problem, the entire country is covered. Once registered, edit your calendar to include a meet in San Diego on March 2th. The Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite will be one of the choices that will come up. Click on it and it will be on your schedule.

Entering your Athletes

The next step is to get your runners in the database. You can do this from either the "Edit Athletes" page or you can go directly to the meet by pressing the EDIT button for the Mt. Carmel meet on the Calendar page. If you choose this method select "Athlete Registration" at the top of the page. In either case there are two steps:

1. First you must enter runners into your roster.
2. Second you must register them into the meet.

If you are going to use for just this meet there's no reason to enter your entire roster. However, will be used to register for other meets in San Diego so you might as well have your roster available for entry.
Once your roster (or the kids who will compete in the Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Carnival) is in the database you can enter you can enter them into the meet from the Meet Registration page. Just click on each person and select the appropriate race that he/she will be running. Once you have selected who will be in the meet be sure you press the "Save Registrations" button at the top of the page. If you don't, you'll have to do it all over again.

Entering your Athletes with Marks

When you enter the athlete into the event they will be running you will see a space to enter their mark. As you enter this park please be aware there are two ways to do this. Here are the choices:

1. If you have a mark from the previous year on the athlete enter that in the space provided..
2. Enter a guesstomated mark if you do not have a mark on the athlete from the previous year. We allow practice marks for this

Entry Deadline is Wednesday February 27 at 7 pm

I am asking that you get your athletes entered to me on by this date. I will download the entries and set up the races and flights. On Thursday the 28th, I will email you a list of additional openings so schools can get additional entries. You will receive the final entries by Thursday afternoon so you can be organized for the meet with your athletes. We will have flexibility built into the entries so that we can make some last minute changes and additions but I do not want to be adding complete new rosters of runners.